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Tailor-made training

Technical ability may have got you where you are today, but to be a successful finance leader you need to develop your people, boardroom and leadership skills. Our live webinars are designed to challenge the way you approach the role of an FD or CFO, and improve your employability as a result.

On-demand courses

Our on-demand training courses have been designed specifically for elite professionals looking to advance their career quickly and successfully. Whether you need help to improve your CV, tips on sitting in the boardroom or advice for performing at interviews, there’s a course for you. Our state-of-the-art platform allows you to view your courses wherever you want, whenever you want, making it the perfect training solution for the busy FD.

We’re CPD Accredited

Our exclusive training programmes, delivered by experts, are all CPD accredited. Earn valuable CPD points in a flexible, online environment and enhance your career.